Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kids Art Display Monogram Idea

I just found a really old post from 2011 that I never published.  I really need to organize my blog better! I'm publishing it now, back then I didn't have a Cricut so I hand cut out the monogram with a craft knife.  You could probably do cooler cutouts with a die cut machine.

I'm at the point in parenting where I have to figure out what to do with all the "art" Avery makes for me. I am not usually a sentimental person, but since I became a mom I have become more sentimental. Here is what I came up with on how to display one of her pieces of art.

I created a letter cutout using her art as the backdrop and the frame backing as the letter.
Avery's artwork on the left.  Finished piece on right.

Print out large letter on paper and place on top of artwork.  Tape in place and using an exacto knife, cut out the letter.  If your knife is not sharp you have to apply more pressure because you have to cut through two layers (the template and the art). If you have a fancy cutting machine you could use that too.  

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