Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Dollhouse Update (DIY and New Dollhouse Furniture)

I've been having lots of fun decorating Avery's new dollhouse.  Dollhouse furniture is surprisingly very expensive, so I decided to make my own.  This dollhouse is very addicting   If you love making things, you could spend hours crafting stuff for a dollhouse.  Below I made the sofa, lamp, side chair and pouf.  The rug is a piece of fur that I cut to size and the coffee table is a small table that I found at Dollar Tree.  Dollar Tree does sell cheap dollhouse furniture, but it is the wrong scale.  My dollhouse is 1:12, but the Dollar Tree/Dollar General dollhouse furniture is 1:18 scale I think.  So the coffee table was suppose to be a dining table, but since it was too small I cut the legs shorter and made it into a coffee table.  The pieces I cut off I actually used for the legs of the sofa.

I'm still experimenting with layout of the house.  

I also purchased a kitchen from Hobby Lobby for the dollhouse.  I love this dollhouse modern kitchen, it has a french door refrigerator!  All the cabinet doors open and its pretty well made.  The modern kitchen was on the pricey side, $44.99 (in store), but they had a 40% off coupon (which you can just show them on your mobile phone), so it came out ot 30 dollars.  Thirty dollars is still pricey but cheaper than any other dollhouse kitchen set I found.  Ebay has some sets from China, but with shipping all the sets were over 40 dollars.
Hobby Lobby modern kitchen.   Pots, pans and baskets were not part of the set.

All of the cabinets open which is pretty cool.
I will publish tutorials (when I have time) on the furniture, which can be scaled for Barbie also.


  1. Hi Rena,
    I love that you are making this adorable dollhouse for your little one! It looks like such fun and you are doing a fantastic job!

  2. so adorable!!! I love it as the mom to 7 girls I jut know this would be a hit around here!! very cute! Can't wait for the tutorials

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