Friday, February 10, 2012

Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Potato Chips

I love the flavor combination of sweet and salty.  What I love even more is sweet, salty, and spicy.  This to me is the holy trinity of flavor combinations.  I decided to experiment with this flavor combination by making Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Potato Chips.  I used semi sweet chocolates which added a bit of bitter to the flavor combo, but looking back I could have done without the bitter and just used milk chocolate instead.  These are so simple to make, you can do it for any party or just as a fun snack.  All you have to do is melt chocolate in a mug and drizzle onto the chips.  Here are a couple of my posts on how to melt chocolate:  white chocolate and dark chocolate.  Remember the key is not to overheat the chocolate!

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