Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Make Hot Air Balloon Ornament Tutorial

I get inspiration from so many places.  When browsing the Restoration Hardware website I spotted this adorable hot air balloon nursery mobile.  The first thing I thought was I can make this!

I made my hot air balloon ornament, using a plastic Christmas ornament I bought at the 99 Cents Only store.  There were some cute pink ornaments there that would be perfect for a girls mobile.

Here is my version.

I created a template below that you can download and print.  You can resize it to the same proportion as your ornament.  The easiest way to resize it would be to drag it into Microsoft Word and resize.  You could get fancy and do it in photoshop or get even fancier and not use the template at all and find any basket texture and draw out a template for a box.  If you just want to skip the basket making altogether see the alternative at the bottom of post.
Materials needed are as follows:
Glue Stick
Scotch Tape
scissors or an exacto knife
2 Pennies or 1 nickel (optional)
2  pieces of string (6 inches long each)
1 loop screw
1 Plastic ball ornament
Template of hot air balloon basket cut out (template is below). When you cut out the template it is easiest to fold over the basket portion and cut them on top of each other.  That way both pieces are exactly the same shape.  You could cut them out separately but the pieces may not align if you don't cut them perfectly.

Step 2
When you cut out the template you can x non patterned side so you know which sides align. Fold the basket like the image above.

Step 3
Remove the top basket and tape a nickel ,two pennies or anything that will weigh down the basket.  This is optional. I did this as an afterthought after I

Step 4
Tape one corner together.

Step 5
Take string and attach tape onto string.

Step 6
Attach string to corner that was taped in step 4

Step 7
Do step 4 - 6 for opposite corner.

Step 8
Repeat with other string on other two corners of basket.  Make sure string is even or else basket will not be level when attached.  Use glue stick on the top part of basket and place top part of basket inside the basket.  This will make the inside and outside of basket have the same pattern and look more finished.

Step 9
Glue the "trim" strip and place around top of basket.

Step 10
Finished basket.

Step 11
Remove the "cap" off the plastic ornament.

Step 12
Place the string in an "X" position on the cap of the ornament (see image)

Step 13
Whoops I mis-numbered my diagram! There is no 13 :)

Step 14
Make sure basket is level.

Step 15
Using this loop screw, screw it into the "bottom" of the ornament (bottom of ornament is now top of hot air balloon).  You may need to predrill a small hole if your ornament is thick.

Step 16
Attach basket onto ornament by placing "cap" back on.

** An alternative if you don't want to make a the basket out of paper is to use a plastic soda bottle cap and paint it brown.  Hot glue the strings to it

*** If you are making this into a mobile, I would hot glue gun the cap of the ornament onto the ball so there is no risk of coming apart and being a choking hazard.  I would also hang it high enough that it cannot be reached or pulled down by the child.


  1. This is so clever and it gives ornaments a nice touch to them :)

  2. I love these! How adorable! I may try this with my daughter.

  3. Over from the Y&R Blog Hop!

    Oh my!! These are SO CUTE!!!

    Don't you just LOVE .99 stores!!??

    have a great weekend!

  4. You are so creative! I love how you took a concept, ran with it, and made it your own. Yours are wonderful and the instructions are clear and look easy to follow.

  5. This is cute! My kids would get a kick out of this. I'm following you by GFC from the Young and Restless Hop. I'd love if you'd stop by my blog too and follow me back.


  6. Very joyful ornament! I love hot air balloons for any kind of decoration or illustration. Your creation gives even more inspiration! :-)

  7. cool Idea - great for if people re-do their Christmas theme ... found you VIA restless blog hop
    check me out at if you get a chance, I'd LOVE another follower <3

  8. That is sooo cute! You could even put little gifts in them, like a brooch or something like that for a few days prior to Christmas.

  9. These are just awesome! I would like to feature a photo from your last two posts in my Sleigh Ride (of christmas ideas) 2011 with a link back to your blog. Is that okay?

  10. Frickin LOVE this idea, super cute and supper fun, Thanks so much for sharing it x

  11. This is so cute!! I love em.. :)

  12. great! cute! adorable!

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

    doro K.

  13. Realmente original!!
    Qué cosas tan bonitas haces y que bien explicadas. ¿Me permites que te referencie en mi blog?


  14. I love all of your ornaments so much! This one is so cute and imaginative!!

  15. It is very nice blog, especially i like your tips and suggestion to make different types of design.Its a very difficulty thats way i like very much.BalloonsThank you.

  16. this is so easy to make....i will try this for christmas.

  17. Your ideas are included in the compilation

  18. Not only are your creation beautiful, but I think they are many times more lovely than the ones that inspired you. Now I want to make one...

  19. I love this. I am actually making this in April/May...hehehehehe.

  20. You could use this in a Wizard of Oz themed nursery or playroom.


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