Monday, August 18, 2008

Photobooks Reviews

I am trying to create a photobook for all of the events in our lives. Here are the reviews for two companies of photobooks: Shutterfly and Piccaboo.


Books Created: 8x8 Hard Cover Storybook and 2 8x10 Black Leather Hard Cover 30 page book

The Software:

Shutterfly has limited layouts and designs for their photobooks. Full page bleed (where the picture is printed to the edge of the page) is available, but no custom backgrounds (ability to put your own picture as a background). They are better than other companies such as Snapfish, but worst than Picaboo. The software is a little confusing, but it runs relatively fast and bug free.

The Quality of Pages:

Do not expect clear pictures like actual developed prints, or even magazine quality. The prints are like laser printer quality, not the cheap laser printers, but the mega printers that corporations have. The pages are thick (equivalent to two sheets of printer paper in thickness) which make the print quality better. The colors for shutterfly were vibrant and true to the print.

The Quality of the Book:

A 20-30 page book is pretty slim. The 8x10 leather cover book looks slick, but a little homemade at the same time. I was truly impressed at the quality of the storybook. The outside print over was photo quality. The inside of the book looked like a professionally bound kids story book. Although all the books are glued, not threaded, the binds have held together nicely.

Overall rating of storybook: 9/10
Overall rating of 8x10 book: 7/10


Books Created: 5x7 Soft CoverBook and 8x10 Black Leather Cover 20 page book.

The Software:
Awesome. The software has the ability to do many layouts, full page bleed, and custom backgrounds. The software does have to be installed on your computer, but this makes for ease of use.

The Quality of Pages:
Like Shutterfly do not expect clear pictures like actual developed prints, or even magazine quality. The pages are thick (equivalent to two sheets of printer paper in thickness) which make the print quality better. The pictures were a little dark, and not as vibrant as Shutterfly.

The Quality of the Book:
Same as Shutterfly 8x10 book. The small 5x7 book is a little cheapie feeling and is already falling apart.

Overall rating of 5x7 book: 5/10
Overall rating of 8x10 book: 6.5/10


  1. I love these photo books! I have one just about finished from our family vacation this summer! They are so nice to have! Iwant to do one for every year of Aidyns (my sons) life!


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