Saturday, August 9, 2008

About Us

Jon and I are in our late twenties. We both have degrees in computer engineering, so we have a practical and pragmatic mindsets. We will be reviewing items that we own, buy or are thinking about buying for its form, function and bang for the buck.

About Rena: I am a bargain hunter, always looking for the best bottom line deal, sometimes compromising in quality, if the deal is good enough (but the deal has to be good). I have an appreciation for the minor details in all products, especially, the design, practicality and overall aesthetic of the item. I am very critical on items and am bothered by the smallest of design flaws.

About Jon: Jon is not a bargain hunter, although is very happy if he can get a good deal. He is unwilling to compromise quality for price. Jon is able to see the big picture of things and is not as in tune with the details as much as the overall functionality or quality of the item. He is not as critical when it comes to user interface and design of a product, rather he is more into the innovations and potential of a product.
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