Friday, February 23, 2018

How to Become a Lifelong Learner (Education Doesn't Stop After College)

Never would you have dreamed that after completing high school or college that you eventually would have a thirst to learn again! Learning is a healthy and active function in our lives, and one that should never stop. Although we learn something new every day in our day-to-day lives, it is also a good exercise to help challenge our brains and even learn something new once in a while

There are never-ending opportunities to keep learning throughout life such as college courses, certifications, learning disks and more. Is there something that you have always wanted to learn but never had the chance? It is never too late! Education never ends after college, in fact, it has just begun. Learn how to become a lifelong learner in 5 easy ways:

1. Get Certified!

Life doesn’t end after college, in fact, many individuals pursue certifications after they have received their diploma. For example, business people have to get certain certifications in order to run their own company, and those from the medical field have to take tests in order to use certain equipment or to have a specific role. 

There are endless amounts of certifications available for those who have different interests. If you want to become a personal trainer, a realtor, or a coach, there are certifications available online or even in your local city. 

Obtaining a certification usually requires reading books and studying terms similar to what you would have to do for a final in school. Certifications will help you be a lifelong learner and build up your credentials! 

2. Attend Networking Groups

There are many ways to enrich your knowledge, and one of those ways is by attending networking groups. Networking happens when a group of like-minded business people get together to share their ideas and help promoteach others’businesses. The meetings usually consist of a key speaker who talks about their journey or their service, while the rest of the time involves mingling with other genius minds! 

Networking groups usually cost a monthly fee, however, they are affordable. Not only will you be learning from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in your area, you will make relationships and connections that will richly benefit you in the long run of your career. In fact, learning about networking is incredibly beneficial for attaining a fulfilling, educated life!

3. Invest in Refresher Courses

Have you ever seen those infomercials of CDs and programs that help test your brain and what it remembers from school? These tools are actually really beneficial to becoming a life-long learner! 

In fact, our brains don’t retain everything we learned back in school, so it is important to help bring those memories back (especially because you paid thousands of dollars for it!). A good example might be purchasing a set of CDs to learn beginner’s Spanish. Maybe you always wanted to learn Spanish and never had the chance, or you took a class in college but you don’t remember anything except how to say hello. 

You can purchase programs and textbook courses that don’t involve going back to school at almost any time in your life. The good thing about that is you get to choose your pace and learn from your own perspective without having any assignments due.

4. Engage in Work that Will Encourage and Require Lifelong Learning

If you think you have no time to engage in extra courses or certifications, then what you can do is engage yourself in work that is beneficial. This is a job that will constantly expand and challenge you in ways that maybe a crash course can’t. 

If your current job doesn’t challenge you and you feel like your brain and knowledge is wasting away, then it might be a sign to look for a new job. You might consider switching career paths and educating yourself on becoming a top-rated personal injury lawyer or becoming a certified consultant on automobile loan lenders. Whatever field inspires you—and is potentially lucrative—you want to make sure that it is a field that requires continual education and lifelong learning.

Another industry that is exploding right now is digital marketing. In this broad and encompassing field, you can look into becoming an SEO consultant and work for established firms like Top SEO Brisbane. Another great field to consider, and one that doesn’t require years of training, is writing reviews. You can find a field that interests you, whether it’s writing reviews of superior mattresses or beauty and skin care reviews. What’s important is to find a niche that really speaks to your passions and interests and then set out to write unbiased, well-researched reviews to post on your own blog or to send to freelance companies. 

5. Download Apps or Seek Online Programs

Technology today is allowing individuals to do more things than ever imagined. With the boost in app usage, people now are using apps to do anything from tracking personal fitness goals to—you guessed it—learning! Smart phones nohave the ability to have app stores where individuals can download free or paid programs or games. This also means that an individual can download a learning app right in the palm of their hands! 

In fact, the most popular learning app is “Domingo,” a language app that can teach anyone just about any language. You can also find learning apps for math, reading, writing, or science.

In addition to apps, you can also search for online programs that will teach you how to perfect your singing voice onlineor learn to become a personal fitness trainer. The internet and technology have opened up an entire world of educational opportunities, and it is all accessible, right at your fingertips.

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