Thursday, December 10, 2015

DIY Spend, Save, Share Bank Mason Jars

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I love the matte finish of chalk paint.  FolkArt Home Décor Chalk, from Plaid, is a no-prep acrylic paint and wax that dries in minutes and can be layered and sanded to give you the perfect distressed look and feel. You can transform your everyday items into one of a kind treasures.  For this project I am creating Spend, Save, Share Moon Jar Banks using mason Jars.  For those of you who aren't familiar with a "Moon Jar" it is basically a way to split your earnings and teach kids (or even adults) how to budget.  The titles are pretty self explanatory, spend is the bank you put for money you will spend, save money you will put away, and share money that goes to charity.  I wanted to make a more adult version of this bank for a teenage niece that is in college.  

I decided to use the FolkArt Home Décor Chalk paint because it is easy to use. Very forgiving and requires little or no surface preparation.  I could paint on glass without any issues.  I finished the top of the bank and the jars with Mod Podge Chalk Finish to protect the surface.

Materials needed: Folk Art Chalk Paint, Wax, Chalk Mod Podge, foamies letters, brush and mason jars.
Stick foamies letters on jars.  If jars are old, then be sure to clean the jars for good adherence.
Paint jars with chalk paint, then cover with Folk Art Wax and then Mod Podge wax. Allow 2 hour drying between coats.  I had my daughter paint this.  I love this stuff because it is made in the USA and is very durable.
To make bank lids cut out cardboard in shape of mason jar lid.
I covered with some wood scrapbooking paper.  Punch two hold with a hole punch.
Connect the holes to make a slit.  Paint over with Mod Podge to protect.
Wait for jars to dry (2 hours) add additional coat, wait to dry and then cover with wax or Mod Podge chalk finish.
Perfect little banks to teach a little financial responsibility. 

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