Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Update Jewelry and Choose Outfits for a Family Photo

This weekend we took family portraits.  Planning outfits for pictures are always tricky, there seems to be so many rules.  I've read no sleeveless, no patterns, don't show too much skin etc.  Some of these rules make sense, some not so much.  I came up with my own guidelines in picking out outfits for family pictures.  

First off do not match the entire family.  You want everyone to coordinate but not match (ie no white turtlenecks and khakis for the entire family).
This photo is from  The caption reads "the family that caters together stays together".  

Below is one of my favorite pictures for clothing coordination (I also really like the photo pose):
Photo Credit: Laci Davis Photography, from site

To pick outfits here some of my tips.  

Start with a color scheme.  One way to do this is find one outfit that you love and work off of that. For our portraits, I found a blue and maroon ikat dress that I was going to wear. 

Coordinate the other outfits (not match them). For my girls I coordinated with pink dresses with maroon accents, and for the boys I bought blue with khakis.  To tie in the girls and the boys outfit's I made maroon bow ties for the boys.  The key to having a consistent outfit is to have a accessories that tie the outfits together.

Here are the outfits that I picked out for the kids (sorry for the bad picture, I was in a rush to pull everything together).

Notice that the girls outfits coordinate, but are not exactly the same.  The boys outfits are exactly the same because they are twins, but if they were not twins I would have probably mixed up the shirts a little to have more variety in the photos.

Accessorize with matching colors. To pull everything together you can using accessories that match, maybe a scarf, bow tie, necklace headband, jewelry or shoes. My dress had a mixture of maroon and blue.  To tie in the pink of the girls dresses I wanted pink jewelry to coordinate.  I didn't own any jewelry that had touches of pink on it so decided to revamp one of my old necklaces.  

This necklace was purchased off Ebay for only two dollars (new, seller from China).   I liked the color, but decided that I could part with this necklace, so I decided to paint it with nail polish.  NOTE: do not do this with jewelry that you love, it produces decent results for photos, but it is not perfect. Especially if you do not have a steady hand for painting.

I painted the necklace with two coats of polish and a top clear coat to protect and maintain the shine.

A couple of other but not mandatory tips for picking outfits are:

Buy outfits at the same store.  This is not a absolutely necessary, but if you are on a time crunch and don't have time to shop, it's easier to buy all the clothes (at least all the kids clothes) at the same store like Gap, Old Navy, Target, Carters.  These stores usually come out with outfits all in the same color palette and pattern but different cuts and styles, which makes shopping a breeze.

If not shopping at the same store, bring the outfits to the store you will be shopping at.  This will save you time and extra return trips.  You may think that pink is pink, but with store lighting you never know if a dress is the same color as the other one you choose.  It's just easier to bring the clothes you need to match to the store.

I can't wait to show you my final family pictures so you can see how the outfits all tied together!

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