Monday, September 22, 2014

Rainbow Loom Video Tutorial Roundup

I've made a bunch of Rainbow Loom tutorials on my YouTube channel.   These rubber band bracelets can be pretty addicting to make, and also a great craft for kids.  My three year old (now four) was able to make the fishtail with no problems.  The rainbow loom may say ages 8 and up, but a 3 year old could do the simple patterns.  It was great to see Avery practice her fine motor skills while making these bracelets.

Looms and ruberbands can be purchased here,
Here is just a round up of all my rainbow loom video tutorials.  Youtube has been flagging some of my videos as adult content and hiding them in safety mode, which has been super frustrating.  If you can't see any of the videos you have to turn off safety mode on the bottom of the YouTube page.  I've tried to get this resolved in the google products forum, but haven't had any luck yet.  Any of you readers have any ideas (other than deleting and reuploading the video) please let me know!

More new tutorials listed HERE.

Fishtail bracelet with no loom

 Inverted fishtail no loom

Variation Fishtail Rainbow Bracelet

New Pattern Staircase Rainbow Bracelet

Double Inverted Fishtail Rainbow Bracelet

Quad Single Bow Rainbow Bracelet

Four Pin Fishtail Rainbow Bracelet

Quadurple single (one loom)Rainbow Bracelet

How to extend rainbow loom bracelet with just one loom

Double sided Rainbow Bracelet

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