Monday, October 22, 2018

DIY Halloween Card with Perler Beads

I posted about Perler Beads before and how great they are for kids.  Just wanted to show you another Halloween card that was made with the Perler or Hama beads.  This one I used the heart peg board and found an image of thePac Man ghosts on google images.  You could totally do any pixel image and make a pretty cool looking card with this.  I've seen lots of Mario Brothers, Pokemon, Zelda sprites made from Perler beads.

You can see my previous post here for some other card inspirations:

The perler beads come unsorted, I'm kinda OCD in that way and decided to sort all the colors.  

My letter stamps that I purchased off ebay.  Mine are similar to this Martha Stewart one, but mine are vintage from a different company.

I embossed the Happy Halloween on the bottom.  I'm still having problems getting my embossing perfect (still new to embossing) so it won't curl the paper.  I'll have to post updates on how to achieve this.  If you have any tips, I'm all ears!

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