Saturday, May 4, 2013

Best Stovetop or BBQ Grill Grate Cleaner Ever!

The internet has tons of tips on how to do things.  I always like to finds the best ways or products to help me with cleaning.  I found this link on pinterest on how to clean my stove top grates that works so well.  Its pretty simple and required minimal scrubbing.  All you do is soak your grates in ammonia. I soaked mine in a pot and put saranwrap over the top of the pot so the fumes do not escape.  You do not need to soak the entire grate in ammonia (the fumes will work on the burnt on mess), unless your grates are super dirty.

My stove top grates before.

Cheap amonia

Put the dirtiest grate on the bottom (grates in the ammonia will be cleaner than the ones that use use the fumes).

Add ammonia (you can fill it up so it just touches one grate or you can fill it all the way).  Put saran wrap over pot and I set the pot outside on a sunny day so that the heat helps with the ammonia (plus I didn't want the fumes in my house).  Wait a few hours, open the pot outside (wear a mask and be careful of the fumes!).  Take the grates and wipe off grime.  Should wipe off pretty easy.  Dispose of the ammonia.

Seriously the best grate cleaner ever!  Looks brand new.

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