Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Non Candy Valentine's Day Ideas

This is the first year Avery is in school, so it's the first time I needed to make Valentines for her classmates. I wanted to give out something that is not candy, because she get enough candy nowadays (yes, I am the house that gives out pretzels for Halloween).  Don't get me wrong, Avery eats candy, every time my husband goes to the bank, he comes back with a lollipop for her.  But coming back with twenty small bags of candy, that will sit in our pantry, I just find it a waste. 

I saw this idea on Pinterest to give out Clementine "Cuties" and loved it.  I decided to make my own labels and even put Avery's name in dot traceable penmanship font so she could practice writing her name.  That was probably my best idea ever.  It's usually like pulling teeth making her practice her writing, but with these labels, she eagerly wrote her name twenty times without complaining!

If you want to print make these I have attached my label that I used:

You can add the traceble penmenship font for your childs name using photoshop.  Free font found here: http://www.fontspace.com/p-j-cassel/trace-font-for-kids

Avery is actually smiling writing her name!

To put the label on I staple the back onto the plastic bag and then use double stick tape to adhere the front.  When you do it this way you won't be able to see staples in the front.

Here are some other great Valentine's Day ideas that are not candy:

Play-Doh Valentines

Pencil Valentines

Ruler Valentines

Toy Animal Valentines


  1. Those are pretty awesome! I love the extra touch of using the font to help with her name. Well done!

    PS. We are the family that gives out everything from glow sticks to playdoh to finger lights on Halloween. :-)

  2. I love this idea! Good job Mom with tricking your kid into working on her writing!

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  4. Just posted your awesome list on Craft Gossip! Happy Valentines



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