Thursday, December 22, 2011

Easy Gift Wrapping and Salf Dough Gift Tags

When I did my salt dough gift tag tutorial I didn't post any pictures of how I used the salt dough gift tags. That's because this year I fell so behind in all of my Christmas shopping. I have been trying desperately to catch up and get all my holiday shopping complete.  I did manage to get a little more than half of my shopping done, so I'll show you some ideas on how to integrate the salt dough gift tags into your wrapping.  I'll also show you how to create some custom stamped wrapping paper of your own.

This rope that goes around the box is actually the handle from a shopping bag.  The paper is a brown paper bag.

I created a custom little pattern with some stamps and an ink pad.  I just love the look of brown paper bags as wrapping paper.

Left over yarn cheaper than ribbon.  I tape the ends so I can string it through.

Here are some of my wrapped gifts.  As you can see, I'm still quite behind and it's almost Christmas.
Salt dough recipe and tutorial here.


  1. Really good idea. Thank you for your share...

  2. These are really cute ideas, I'm going to get more into craft in the New Year, I've gotten so caught up with life that I've forgotten my true loves :)

    Thanks for the post.


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