Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boo! Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Halloween Edition

I did a previous tutorial on how to make chocolate covered gummy bears. In the spirit of Halloween, I used white chocolate for the body and dark chocolate for the eyes to make ghostly chocolate covered gummy bears.

I'm actually not a fan of white chocolate, but my sister loves it. I decided to make her a batch of these ghostly gummy bears. Trader Joe's carries a white chocolate bar  that claims to me more chocolaty than regular white chocolate. I decided to give it a try. While it is not as good as dark chocolate, it actually tastes more like chocolate than other white chocolates.

White chocolate is harder to work with because it melts at a lower temperature so you can burn it if you are not careful.  When heating any chocolate for melting/dipping, over heating will destroy your chocolate. I usually melt chocolate in a mug (so that it retains the heat) in the microwave (easier clean up). For white chocolate, set the power to 5 and melt in 10 to 15 second intervals. If the chocolate comes out melted, it is probably already burnt. You want to heat it just to the point where when you start stirring, it comes together. It took me only 30 seconds of heating to melt this white chocolate. You do not need to add butter or shortening to this recipe, just straight chocolate, because white chocolate seems to be runnier.

White Chocolate from Trader Joe's.  It is better than most white chocolates out there.

Cut chocolate into equal sized chunks for even melting.  Pop in microwave for 15 seconds at power of 5.
Take out and stir.  If chocolate seems too hard then pop back in for 10 seconds at power of 5.

Melted white chocolate after a lot of stirring.  Skewer gummy bears for dipping with toothpicks.

Dip gummy bears into chocolate. Wait for them to dry.
Then melt a little dark chocolate and using a toothpick, paint the eyes.
 You could also use those edible ink pens to draw eyes.

Packaged for my sister.


  1. Hi there!! I'm a fellow "momblogger" Super cute blog, I LOVE white chocolate, I'm gonna have to try these!!! And I love your Blog name, so flippen cute!! You can find me at blog.juliegphotography.net

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  5. These are SO stinking cute!!!!!

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  7. I have never made chocolate covered gummy bears but they sound really really good! I think I'm going to have to try them. I'm more of a dark chocolate fan as well.

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  8. These look so yummy!!

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  9. So, so SO cute!! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing!

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  11. You creative girl! =) & I like how you packaged them to. Totally going to lift this idea from you!

  12. Omigoodness! TOO, not to! Argh! Can't believe I did that!!

  13. Ok, I just had to share that we just made these Gummi Ghosts, & my daughter was helping me & she made a Gummi Mummy by putting strips of white chocolate on a bear & leaving some of the color showing. Very cute. =)

  14. oh my goodness... this is nuts!! I love how simple that is!
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  17. here from the blog hop! My husby loves white chocolate and gummy bears! This is the perfect sweet to try - thanks! : )

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  19. Those are so cute, and I don't even really get into Halloween. I might actually try these. :)

  20. OMG these are adorable and such a great idea!

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    I'm completely won over by these chocolate gummy bears - what a brilliant idea!!

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  24. Love these! Awesome idea, and they look so cute!

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  26. I'm going to have to try this right now!
    Only I'll do it with Dark Chocolate....

    Thanks for the great step by step photos!

  27. Seriously adorable! I am going to link to them in my upcoming Halloween Recipes post!


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